How Fantasy Football Is Played

The way fantasy footy works is like this, every participant or owner as they are called in the Fantasy Sports World, drafts or buys through an auction a team of players. For the purposes of this introduction they are going to assume the fantasy footy league is NFL, but it could even be based on college players. The way the actual completion plays out depends on the individual fantasy footy league you happen to belong to. In some fantasy footy leagues the winner is determined by total points at the finish of a season, while others actually play against each other every week with the team having the best record at the finish of the fantasy season being declared winner of that fantasy footy league.
The net has been responsible for taking fantasy footy from a hobby played out in sports bars and individual homes to a multi-billion dollar industry now according to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association. According to the football advice from the pros, 0 million players participate in fantasy sports and the industry has a growth rate of around0 percent. Fantasy Footy is the most popular of all the fantasy sports obtainable and continues to grow even faster with the explosion of web-sites and application to help with the game as well as the proliferation of fantasy footy magazines obtainable today.
Most fantasy footy leagues will be made up of around0 or twelve individual teams which will have their own mock drafts before the season starts. Because you are drafting actual players and their performance matters it pays to stay in contact with what is going on with them in the coursework of the off season and pre-season. For example in case you draft a Ricky Williams and he decides to go off and smoke dope, bad, you are screwed out of a walking back! In some Football events in the uk each owner must draft a brand spanking new team every year, while in others you may be allowed to keep a handful of players which won't be entered in the draft. Some leagues have even gone as far as to generate so-called dynasty leagues where an owner may maintain his team from the earlier season and only draft incoming rookies. This is similar to how a actual footy league works.
Players that are not drafted are designated as "free agents" and may be selected in the coursework of the season by trading players that an owner may currently have and making them free agents. The rules that govern this practice vary from league to league.
Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida together with his spouse and 16 year elderly son. For more on Fantasy Footy or other fantasy sports news.


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